CBI Forensics

Since 1992, CBI's courtroom and deposition expertise has led to serving as an expert witness for over 3,500 cases.

CBI Supports Property Managers

CBI offers several different types of inspections and services depending on your specific needs

CBI Consulting and Construction Management

CBI will work with you to determine the type of inspection that best fits your property needs

Litigation Management System

Online Access: Instant access to all case information including cost of repair reporting, and all photos

CBI Supports HOA Boards

CBI works directly with each client, providing the necessary framework for a standardized maintenance process and data collection


CBI Consulting & Construction Management is your resource for Independent 3rd Party Inspections, Project Management, Construction Management, Bid Reviews, and Contractor Selection. CBI works directly with Property Managers, HOA Boards, Building Owners and Attorney's.

Crime Prevention and Safety


Although the list can be long and daunting, problems around the community vary in degree of complexity and response to repair. A property evaluation inspection is a great place to start on the road to preventative maintenance and community care.


A property evaluation inspection begins with a visual inspection to identify current conditions and potential concerns. In addition, a property evaluation inspection can also be used to develop a maintenance plan to identify unforeseen repairs that could adversely affect your budget.


Once the inspection is complete, you should receive a condition report which will greatly benefit you in creating or managing your maintenance budget for your community.