CBI Consulting & Construction Management is your resource for Independent 3rd Party Inspections, Project Management, Construction Management, Bid Reviews, and Contractor Selection. CBI works directly with Property Managers, HOA Boards, Building Owners and Attorney's.


Forensics Inspection Services

CBI’s Forensics Inspection services are a Non-Invasive Visual Inspection of the property. Depending upon the needs of either the home owner or the home owner association, CBI will visually inspect all interior and exterior areas of the property. If an attic or basement is present, CBI will visually inspect those as well. This inspection is a visual inspection only. If a CBI Inspector cannot see it, it cannot be addressed. In the event an issue may be present that reveals a potential problem the CBI Inspector will suggest options such as evasive testing.

To delve deeper into the specifics of this meticulous inspection, don’t hesitate to find out more.

  • Visual Inspections
  • Condition Report
  • Maintenance Plan
  • Home Inspection

Depending on what kind of shape the property is in, CBI’s Condition Report includes an assessment of what items need to be repaired. This assessment covers various aspects of the property, from roof to foundation, and may identify the need for AC replacement. The report will provide detailed information on the problems found, with additional insights from a professional in AC repair if necessary. This assessment is further supported by sites like https://droppedceiling.co.uk/.  This would include all exterior claddings, plumbing, mechanical and electrical components. Additionally, there are additional resources available for roofing, you can click here to learn more.

Upkeep and maintenance are critical to every property. CBI’s Maintenance Plan is available to assess everything requiring maintenance; for example BBQ’s, fences, landscaping and windows like those from https://bestaluminiumwindows.co.uk/. Additionally, with the help of the contractor, they can arrange for an industrial spray painter to refresh surfaces and ensure they maintain their integrity. CBI will provide a schedule and a how-to approach to maximizing the useful life of each and every visually observable component.

Whether purchasing a new home, or looking to sell, CBI will come out and assess the residence. CBI will test various components including, electrical, plumbing, HVAC, chimney, windows which may have come from a secondary glazing company, and doors to make sure they are working properly. CBI will also inspect any attic or basement to make sure everything is working in proper fashion.Once the inspection is complete, CBI will provide a detailed report for use in repairs and property documentation. If you’re considering a bathroom remodel, CBI can offer valuable insights and recommendations tailored to your needs. Learn more about horse arena base options at sites like https://horsemenageconstruction.co.uk/horse-arena-base-options/.

Bid Package Review & Management

The CBI Bid Package provides each client with a Scope of Work, Material Specifications and Take-Off Data.

  • Scope of Work
  • Material Specifications
  • Take-Off Data

In providing you with a Bid Package, we give you the tools to compare contractor bids without the guess work of what repairs need to be done and how to do them. This will ensure that each contractor bids on the same repair process, using the same materials.

A Scope of Work will give you step by step instructions of what needs to be done to perform the job correctly.
The Material Specifications and Take-Off Data provide you with the details of what to use and how much you will need.

Construction Management

CBI’s Construction Management Services are offered individually or as a complete package. You can choose the services that will best serve your needs.

Construction Management Services include: (1) Bid Review, (2) Contractor Selection, (3) Job Site Walk Through, (4) On-Site Observations, (5) Project Timeline and (6) On site Supervision. If you ask us to choose a contractor for you we’ll make sure they have the necessary equipment to undergo the project, one of the most important pieces of equipment for us, are the Construction Portable Heaters.

    • Bid Review – involves a review of each contractor’s proposal ensuring the proper repair methodology and material specifications have been met. We will also look at pricing to make sure it is in line with industry practices.
  • Contractor Selection – CBI will provide assistance in helping determine the best contractor for the job.
  • Job Site Walk Through – CBI will walk the job with prospective contractors to show the exact location of work to be performed and answer any questions about repair methods.
  • On-Site Observations – CBI will perform an on-site inspection during a particular phase of the repairs.
  • Project Timeline – CBI will put together a schedule for each project showing how long each step of the repair(s) should take which ensures timely and prompt completion.
  • On Site Supervision – CBI will provide an onsite superintendent to manage the daily operations of the project and act as a liaison between the construction trades and the homeowner/tenants. These duties include scheduling of trades, trade supervision, scheduling city inspections, invoice approvals, and all other forms of job-site management.